Best Hard Japanese Candy

If chewing candy isn't your thing, try our suggestions for the top 15 hard candies:

15. Pop Candy

Assorted Japanese lollipops

14. Hokuo Cafe

Cafe flavors brought to life

13. Jiwa Jiwa Cola

Cola in candy form

12. Pine Tsubu Tsubu

Kiwi and strawberry candy with crunchy seeds

11. Kanro Throat Candy

Blood orange and grapefruit flavor

10. Kasugai Peppermint

Experience the cool refreshing taste of this candy.

9. Sumiyaki Japanese Roasted Coffee

Slow-roasted coffee never tasted so good.

8. Morimori Mountain's Fruit Candy

Grape, orange, peach, strawberry, melon...

7. Chelsea Scotch Candy

Coffee, butter, and royal tea flavor

6. Super Sour Lemon

What you get when you make a lemon into hard candy. Will you be able to handle the sourness?

5. King of Mango

Intense mango flavor

4. Lotte Mixed Soda

So many different soda flavors to try.

3. Flower's Kiss

Creamy hard candy said to make your breath smell like flowers.

2 Kasugai Lychee

Lychee in hard candy form and no pit

1. Ramune Soda Candy

Lemon-lime hard candy at its best. Just like the soda but in candy form!

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