Strange and DIY Japanese Candy Kits

Want something off the beaten path. Maybe you're looking for some cool Japanese candy box to gift to a friend? Check out these sweet Japanese candy kits:

15. Decoration Cake

How will you decorate this candy cake?

14. Dinosaur Gummy Kit

Bring dinosaurs back to life and into your mouth.

13. Insect Making Kit

Creepy crawlers they're not.

12. Takoyaki Shop

If you're not familiar, takoyaki are octopus balls. These are sweeter though.

11. Cotton Candy Kit

Make your own cotton candy gum with this kit.

10. Panda Cake

Mix a few things, pop it in the microwave, and you got a Panda!

9. Nerikyan Land

Take the candy dough and let your imagination run wild.

8. Waffle Cafe

How will you make your waffles?

7. Nerunerunerune

A mouthful to say but fun to make paste.

6. Dodotto Tsubupyon

Use chemistry to create gummy balls.

5. Make it! Bento!

Lunch boxes just got more fun.

4. Fun Cake Shop

What kind of cakes will you make?

3. Gummy Wonder

Forget gummy worms and bears. Make rainbow dolphins and lions.

2. Happy Kitchen Hamburger

Candy hamburgers made to order, by you.

1. Happy Sushi House

Make your own gummy sushi.

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