A Guide to the Best Japanese Candy

Known as "ame" (飴) in Japanese, Japanese candy can be found in many different sizes, shapes, and flavors. From Konpeito to Kit Kat, Milky to candy styled like overflowing toilets, there really isn't a stone left unturned (description-wise). Thus, for the uninitiated, Japanese candy can be overwhelming hodgepodge of sights and flavors. This is the first of many guides to help make the process of discovering Japanese candies more fun and worthwhile.

On Candy Sumo, we list the most popular candies and snacks on Amazon. Our recommendations look slightly different though with more emphasis on flavor and design. For additional guides, check out the following:

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Best Japanese Candy - Overall

10. Morinaga Milk Caramel

Great caramel taste with a soft, creamy, finish.

9. Popin' Cookin' Happy Sushi House

A fun time making candy that looks like Japanese food.

8. Ramune Soda Candy

Lemon-lime hard candy at its best. Just like the Japanese soda but in candy form!

7. Super Sour Lemon

What you get when you make a lemon into hard candy. Will you be able to handle the sourness?

6. Botan Rice Candy

Semi-sweet soft candy with rice paper that you can eat and a surprise inside.

5. Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gum

Think you've tried great gum? This will make you wanting more.

4. Flower's Kiss

Creamy hard candy said to make your breath smell like flowers.

3. Kasugai Strawberry Gummy

One of many flavors that will make you wonder why other gummies don't taste as true to the flavor listed.

2. Chocolate Pocky

Sticks never tasted so good. If you're adventurous you might even try some of the other flavors out there.

1. Matcha Kit Kat

Kit Kat refined. The creamy green tea blends well with the wafer inside.