Something Unique to Savor

Want something unique for your next get together? Try these Japanese snacks. They're pretty much guaranteed to get some laughs or at least some comments:

15. Yuzu Gummy

It's yuzu flavor!

14. Pokemon Sparkling Sweet Candy

Catch them all, then eat them.

13. Screaming Intense Super Sour Lemon

Will you be able to handle the sourness?

12. Cheese Cake Flavored Milk Candy

Oh, the creaminess of the cheesecake.

11. Blueberry Pocky

After trying this, strawberry and chocolate will be so passe.

10. Loquat Hard Candy

Never heard of loquat before? Give this is try.

9. Popin Cotton Candy

DIY, cotton candy in jelly form

8. Puchitto Kudamono Pineapple

Candy that can be ripped off and eaten one at a time

7. Ramune Soda Candy

Sparkling soda now in candy form

6. Cream Collon

It just sounds unfortunate.

5. Coris Whistle Candy

Blow through it and it will whistle.

4. Green Tea Caramel

What would happen if caramel took a bath in green tea.

3. Fresh Plum Hard Candy

Salty plum made in candy form.

2. Banana Chocolate

Not a chocolate covered banana, but a banana covered chocolate.

1. Salty Tomato Candy

Tomato candy... enough said.

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