Hi Chew's You!

Locally, you might find one, perhaps a couple, varieties of a single candy brand. In Japan, it's not uncommon to find brands with dozens (if not more) varieties. The case of Haichu is no different.

Haichu (also known as Hi-Chew) is a chewy candy with a slightly harder consistency and more robust flavor than Starburst. There are basic flavors like strawberry, mango, and grape; but there are also flavors like Strawberry Shortcake and, very regionally specific, Yubari Melon.

Some people have made it a goal to collect all of the different flavors out there. Here are some of the more adventurous ones that you can get today:

White Soda

Gold Kiwi


Lemon Squash

Special Peach

Sour Lemon

Tsubu Tsubu Cola

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