Pocky Power

Skinny as they may be, their great flavor and packaging have put them along the lines of Kit Kat and Haichu. Some of the top varieties out there include:

16. Rainbow Giant Pocky

So big and colorful!

15. Panda Pocky

Cookies and cream flavor, not panda.

14. Slim Stick Pocky

Smaller sticks means you can have more without feeling guilty.

13. Milk Flavor Pocky

Tastes milky.

12. Blueberry Pocky

Real blueberry flavor mixed in.

11. Coconut Chocolate Pocky

A little bit of paradise in a box.

10. Fat Strawberry Pocky

What's better than normal strawberry Pocky? This!

9. Lychee Pocky

Taking a little trip to Thailand.

8. Mango & Pineapple Tropical Pocky

Feel the breeze of the islands as you savour these treats.

7. Chocolate Banana Pocky

Imagine a chocolate covered banana, in Pocky form.

6. Rare Cheese Cake Pocky

Rare, with a hint of lemon.

5. Strawberry Heart Shaped Stick Pocky

Perfect for Valentine's Day.

4. Almond Crush Pocky

Crunchy almond bits surrounded by chocolate.

3. Fat Matcha Pocky

Like its strawberry cousin, but matcha tea flavor.

2. Strawberry Pocky

One of the most beloved flavors.

1. Chocolate Pocky

A true original.

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